Try doing these other activities for short periods of time (e.g., maximum of 30 minutes at a time).

  • Going for a walk
  • Playing in the front or backyard
  • Riding, bikes, scooters, using exercise equipment
  • Yoga or other exercise/interactive videos on YouTube
  • Other sports (basketball, catch, soccer, tennis, etc.)
  • Gardening
  • Go for a drive. Please be aware of where you drive – if your child has trouble tolerating driving by or seeing a location when you do not plan to stop at that location, then try to avoid that route. For example, if your child prefers to go to Target, try to drive on routes where Target is not visible. Leisurely neighborhood drives may be just as fun!


Here is a Yoga video made by TPS Staff member, Samantha!


Additional Yoga videos:

Motor Skills