1. https://www.commonsensemedia.org/resources-for-families-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic

Description: tips and resources that can help keep kids entertained, engaged, and learning while they’re stuck inside. This includes understanding COVID-19 news coverage, how to stay calm for yourself and your kids, and learning resources while at home.

Click the link "Help your family distress during Coronavirus uncertainty"

This will lead you to tons of mediation apps, creative ways to stay active, and wellness websites


2. www.headspace.com

Description: a meditation app that can help give you peace of mind for a few minutes during the day or sleep sounds and bedtime exercises. This app will give you the first two weeks free but can be costly so I would recommend setting a reminder in your calendar to cancel this subscription.


3. https://mommyhood101.com/daily-schedule-for-kids

Description: daily schedules to create predictability during the day for you and your child. You are able to modify it in different formats to fit the needs of your child on a daily basis. Kids respond well to routine - creating a schedule can also help free up some time if you currently have to work from home or just need alone time.


4. https://busytoddler.com/

Description: This is one of my favorites for our learners and a lot of these ideas can be used to input into daily schedules. There are endless amounts of lessons, arts and crafts, and fun down time to incorporate into your days to reduce stress.


5. https://www.pbs.org/parents/thrive/how-you-and-your-kids-can-de-stress-during-coronavirus

Description: good tools for calming this stress response when it’s not helping us — tools that can be used in this or any other situation. The strategies we use to help children navigate their big feelings are the exact same tools I need to be using right now to navigate mine!