ELIJA has 31 school age students with twenty-seven 1:1 learner-Instructor ratios and three 1:2 learner-Instructor ratios. The size of the classrooms that already exist allow us to maintain social distance without making changes to the physical space.

    Fire and lockdown drills will be conducted according to the statutory schedule. Staff will be trained on maintaining social distance when conducting the drills. Staff will wear face coverings and students will be encouraged to wear them as well.

    Executive order 202.37 allowing in person instruction for people with disabilities (Summer Session)

    ELIJA was broken down into levels. Pending zero occurrences of COVID-19, the school progressed into the next levels.

    Level 1 (July 6-17, 2020): All in person sessions took place outdoors, weather pending, with mandatory 6ft social distancing between staff and the caregiver/learner. Caregivers/learners and staff arrived by personal car and were required to comply with check-in procedures (attestation, hand washing for 20s, temperature check; surgical mask replacement was required for staff and optional for caregivers). All staff wore masks and all caregivers wore masks while on-site. Masks for learners was optional. All learners were supervised and managed by a caregiver during sessions. If weather was inclement, sessions took place indoors, in a designated room, and the 6ft social distance was maintained between staff and caregiver/learner. Sessions ranged from 5-30m and progressively increased based on compliance of the learner. Sessions were scheduled in 30m periods from 9-12:15pm, daily. Up to 3 learners were on-site at a single time. Three session environments were prepared outdoors and only one learner was in each environment within a 20ft radius at any given time. Three session environments were prepared indoors and only one learner was in each environment within a 20ft radius at any given time.

    Level 2 (July 20-24, 2020): All sessions took place indoors, with a cohort division and A/B Session Schedule in place. All sessions were half day, with an arrival of 9am and dismissal of 11:45am. No meals were consumed on-site; however, learners were permitted snacks that were brought in from home.

    →Level 3 (July 25, 2020 - present):← All sessions replicated Level 2 with two exceptions: Sessions are held from 9am-2:45pm and a meal is consumed midday by learners and Instructors.

    Level 4 (TBD): A/B sessions will be eliminated.

    Level 5: Cohort will be eliminated.

    Note: Levels 4 and 5 will be pending NYS Reopening Plan, Governor Cuomo’s guidelines, and the trends in positive rates of COVID-19 in NYS.