ELIJA will consider various re-opening plans and schedules.

    ELIJA will communicate the plans to parents with as much advance notice as possible.

    ELIJA is able to accommodate learners in each classroom with a 1:1 or 1:2 learner-to-Instructor ratio with maximum level of adherence to social distance guidelines.

    ELIJA’s general guidelines for remote learning include:

    • To continue to provide a highly individualized curriculum and address current IEP goals
    • To collaborate with each family to create the most conducive educational plan
    • To provide materials for families to be able to continue teaching in the home
    • To provide effective parent training strategies
    • To provide effective strategies for behavior management
    • To ensure data collection meets requirements for auditing purposes
    • To continue to provide high quality staff training and supervision
    • To have close communication between ELIJA staff and families

    Within each cohort, learners and staff are on-site on alternating days, using an A/B Session Schedule. A sample A/B Session Schedule is as follows:


    • Cohort 1 accommodates up to 4 learners and 8 staff on A Days and 4 learners and 8 staff on B Days.
    • Cohort 2 accommodates up to 8 staff on A Days and 8 staff on B Days. No learners are assigned to this cohort.
    • Cohort 3 accommodates up to 4 learners and 9 staff on A Days and 8 learners and 15 staff on B Days.
    • Cohort 4 accommodates up to 4 learners and 8 staff on A Days and 4 learners and 7 staff on B Days.

    When on-site, learners are socially distancing from each other. Learners and Instructors are not able to socially distance due to learner needs; however, Instructors are required to wear masks, have the option to wear face shields, and clean their hands multiple times per day, including before and after meals and before and after working with each learner. Instructors are required to wipe down all surfaces after completing a 30m instructional session with his/her learner.

    Learners eat in their classrooms at their desks until further notice and learners’ belongings are kept in an assigned cubby within their assigned classroom.


    • Attendance is taken daily for all learners when they attend in-person and remote learning sessions.
    • A daily schedule is set for all learners receiving remote services.
    • If a parent cancels a session or a learner does not show for a session, the Instructor informs the Clinical Supervisor, Director, and Administrative Assistant. Absences are monitored with record keeping by an Administrative Assistant.
    • If a learner misses a day of sessions, the absence is recorded. If repeated absences occur, the Director will contact the family to discuss concerns.

    Technology and Connectivity

    • ELIJA has ensured that all Instructors and families have access to a computer or electronic device (e.g., iPad) for remote learning.
    • ELIJA Instructors use Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive, Zoom, video conferencing, telephone, and email to communicate with parents and conduct remote learning sessions.
    • ELIJA offers technical support to all staff.

    Instruction with a Vulnerable Population

    • In-person instruction is available for all of our learners, within the Cohort and A/B Session Schedule model.
    • For any families who do not feel comfortable sending their child in for in-person instruction, remote learning is available.
    • For learners whose parents have approved in-person instruction, remote learning takes place on alternating days in which they are not on-site.
    • Remote instruction is individualized and in a 1:1 format and takes place on Zoom.
    • Sessions are recorded if consent is provided, to serve as a training model for other staff and as a permanent product of instruction.
    • If ELIJA needs to close at any point for health reasons, remote learning will continue.
    • For in-person services, staff will position themselves behind or to the side of the students during instruction as often as possible.
    • During the first week(s) of in-person instruction and after long breaks from in-person services, staff are to pair themselves with high rates of reinforcement.
    • Group instruction is currently postponed; however, when resumed, it will be designed so that learners can respond but still be socially distanced.
    • During Smartboard lessons learners will be seated at an appropriate social distance. The Instructor assigned to each lesson is the only one to use the touch board during that lesson (the learners will respond verbally and/or gesture to correct responses).
    • Adapting hygiene goals such as tooth brushing, shaving, and handwashing may be necessary. Video models will be used whenever possible
    • Assistance with toileting will be necessary for certain learners. Appropriate PPE will be used (e.g., face mask, gloves).
    • If physical prompting is needed, staff will remain within close proximity as minimally as possible, be wearing appropriate PPE (e.g., mask, gloves), and provide prompts from behind whenever possible.
    • Videotaping will be used as often as possible for training and supervisory purposes to decrease person to person interaction.
    • All behavior intervention plans have been reviewed for feasibility of social distancing policies prior to in-person instruction.
    • Effectiveness of visual, gestural, and verbal prompts have been assessed.
    • If emergency interventions are needed that breach social distancing policy, PPE must be worn by staff and regulatory policy and procedures must be followed.



    Before and Aftercare:



    N/A; transportation is overseen by parents and districts

    Food Services:

    • There are no food services on site that require site wide preparation or dispersal of food. Each learner is responsible for bringing their own food from home daily.
    • A microwave and filtered water source is available in each cohort Refrigerators are not available in each cohort and food items that require refrigeration are either kept cold through an ice pack supplied by the parent, or have been substituted.

    Food Consumption:

    Up to 4 learners are assigned to a single classroom and are socially distanced at least 6ft from the next learner. Learners are monitored by Instructors, who are wearing PPE and not consuming food. Learners wash their hands before and after consuming food. Following the meal, the learner is encouraged to resume wearing his/her mask (if applicable). Instructors consume their lunches outside of learner classrooms, in a staff-only location (e.g., staff office location, outdoor location). Staff must maintain social distancing of 6ft while consuming food and wash their hands before and after consuming food.