The building is cleaned daily by a professional cleaning company. Disinfectant is used by staff throughout the day, in the form of Lysol wipes, Lysol spray, and bleach/water solution to clean surfaces (e.g., furniture, materials, toys). A surface cleaning is scheduled within each cohort daily from 3:30-4pm.

    • Hand washing occurs upon arrival and again prior to greeting a learner when he/she arrives. Hand washing/cleaning is promoted throughout the day after each 30m session is completed and before the Instructor rotates to work with his/her next scheduled learner.
    • Restroom cleaning occurs after each use, either by spraying down or wiping down surfaces with a Lysol wipe, Lysol spray, or bleach/water solution. Portable restrooms are available for visitors outdoors, with an available bleach/water solution.
    • No cafeteria, library, or playground exists on-site.
    • When learners arrive either by parent or off buses, their backpacks are disinfected while they complete the arrival procedure of washing hands and temperature check. The backpacks are placed indoors for the learner to pick up en route to his/her classroom.
    • If a learner needs to be quarantined due to possible symptoms of COVID-19, he/she will be brought to a designated room while waiting for a parent or guardian to pick him/her up. After the learner leaves, the entire space will be disinfected.