The ELIJA School

Science Based Teaching, One Child At A Time

 The ELIJA School provides an individualized 12-month educational and treatment program for school-aged children. We serve the needs of our students with science-based treatments, utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Our program provides an intensive, one-to-one student to teacher ratio in a comprehensive instructional setting within a classroom environment. The ELIJA School focuses on the development of functional communication, academic, social and life skills. To substantiate our progress, the school conducts external evaluations to monitor the quality and effectiveness of our educational and treatment program.

Our ABA Program Includes:

  • 12-month, full-day education and treatment program for school-aged children
  • Individualized instruction designed around each child’s strengths, challenges and learning style
  • Intensive one-to-one services with highly trained instructors providing an educationally enriched environment for our learners to achieve new skills quickly, while maintaining and generalizing previously acquired skills
  • Teaching in highly structured or small-group instruction in both classroom and natural settings
  • Individualized programs to encourage communication, social, academic, and life skills
  • Daily data collection as an integral part of both home and center based components
  • Systematic program analysis and review to accurately and efficiently monitor each child’s skill acquisition
  • On-staff behavior analysts to supervise learner’s progress and programs
  • Ongoing and sustained staff training to ensure the highest level and quality of instruction

Inside the ELIJA School Classroom

Each learner has his or her own fully equipped instructional area. This area is optimized with instructional materials and stimuli, which are conducive to the child’s learning style. Each classroom has a comfortable occupancy of learners and is equipped with group activity areas to facilitate social and group learning goals. We also provide indoor and outdoor gyms.

External Program Evaluations

We utilize a consult model to ensure that our learners are provided with forefront interventions. Highly regarded professionals in the field are invited to our program to provide us with teaching technologies that can enrich our existing programs. Our treatment protocols are reviewed by an independent Human Rights Committee to evaluate their overall effectiveness and ethical standards. These external reviews ensure an objective analysis of the overall quality of our school model and philosophies.


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