Since 2002, The ELIJA Foundation has been committed to offering New York and Long Island communities the most comprehensive information and educational opportunities geared toward improving the lives of persons with Autism.  We provide training on the most advanced treatment and educational strategies to maximize the potential of those affected by Autism as well as focused workshops that give the community access to local and nationally recognized Autism professionals. We hope you will join our ELIJA community, become a member and take advantage of the services we are proud to offer throughout the year. 

The ELIJA Foundation Benefits:

  • Subscription to the ELIJA School Monthly Newsletter
  • Discounts on ELIJA Outreach Program Workshops & Events and no late fees or walk-in fees
  • Access to the ELIJA Autism Library in Levittown, NY

**Agency Membership must send a list of those who will be utilizing the membership. Payment for workshops for Family or Agency Memberships must be made by the enrolled member.