ELIJA Farm is a sustainable, non-profit farm in South Huntington, NY committed to using environmentally responsible practices to raise high quality, organically grown produce. The ELIJA Farm CSA (community supported agriculture) is dedicated to enriching the health and wellness of our community through dynamic learning opportunities to its diverse membership.

With rich soil and responsible growing practices, we provide an abundance of fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers to dozens of local families and organizations. Our vegetables are hand-picked, hand-tended, carefully cultivated, and harvested for peak nutrition and flavor. ELIJA Farm vegetables are grown with farming practices that go beyond those required for Certified Organic farms and we have signed the Northeast Organic Farmer’s Association’s Pledge.

ELIJA Farm is unique in being a non-profit farm. All revenue from our CSA and other farm related activities help support innovative, farm-based learning experiences for differently-abled persons, and our Long Island community.

Special Services

ELIJA Farm partners with an outside agency to provide vocational and program opportunities to young adults with autism who play a daily role in the productivity of the farm. ELIJA Farm is committed to offering inclusive learning and recreational opportunities to diverse populations with varying levels of ability. It is ELIJA Farm’s long-term goal to grow into a welcoming community that integrates adults with autism and other special abilities into the fabric of society through vocational training, support systems, and eventually housing.

For more information, please visit us at www.ELIJAFarm.org


Help Drive Our Mission Forward

With the help of your funds and through the efforts of our Foundation and our School we strive to make a difference:

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