Triathlon for the 1 in 44!

Triathalon 2023

Triathalon 2023

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1 in 44 - The CDC reported rate for children being diagnosed with Autism!

We are once again planning to compete in a Triathlon, 1500 meter swim, 24.8 mile bike and 6.2 mile run, on Saturday, June 24, 2023. As in years past, this event has become the impetus to raise funds for an organization that is doing amazing work. This year we have selected ELIJA, Empowering Long Island's Journey through Autism as our charity for their efforts on behalf of the 1 in 44 children being diagnosed with Autism in the US each year – and because our buddy’s son (photo above) attends the ELIJA School and is absolutely thriving!

ELIJA is a full-service nonprofit that supports children, young adults and adults living with Autism, the Autism community and the community at large, through a variety of program offerings.  ELIJA provides parents, educators, professionals, and caregivers of children living with Autism, educational opportunities focused on improving the quality of programs and services available; ELIJA provides personalized education and treatment programs to school-aged learners, ages 3-21; ELIJA works with young adults and adults to build transferrable skills that lead to success vocationally, socially and in the overall quality of  life; the ELIJA Farm contributes to the health and wellness of the local community through their CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture) and community classes, while fully integrating learners, at every age, with opportunities to fully participate within their communities.

Please honor our efforts by supporting ELIJA as they work to serve the growing Autism population and ensure every learner can live their best life!

Thank You for helping us reach our $10,000 goal . . .


Supported by:

Rachel and Alex

The Pilchmans

Rebecca & Marty Eisenberg

Megan Hodish

The Levison Family

Essie & Piper Udell

Suzanne Sellecchia

Grey, Winnie & Mack

Robert Brooks


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