Triathlon for the 1 in 36!


1 in 36 - The CDC reported rate for children being diagnosed with Autism!

Rob Ziegelbaum, Adam Blumencranz and Josh Hoffman are once again competing in a Triathlon, 1500 meter swim, 24.8 mile bike and 6.2 mile run, on Saturday, July 1, 2023. In years past, this event has become their impetus to raise funds for an organization that is doing amazing work. This year they selected ELIJA, Empowering Long Island's Journey through Autism as the charity for their efforts on behalf of the 1 in 36 children being diagnosed with Autism in the US each year – and because their friend's son (photo above) attends the ELIJA School and is absolutely thriving!

ELIJA is a full-service nonprofit that supports children, young adults and adults living with Autism, the Autism community and the community at large, through a variety of program offerings.  ELIJA provides parents, educators, professionals, and caregivers of children living with Autism, educational opportunities focused on improving the quality of programs and services available; ELIJA provides personalized education and treatment programs to school-aged learners, ages 3-21; ELIJA works with young adults and adults to build transferrable skills that lead to success vocationally, socially and in the overall quality of  life; the ELIJA Farm contributes to the health and wellness of the local community through their CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture) and community classes, while fully integrating learners, at every age, with opportunities to fully participate within their communities.

Please honor their efforts by supporting ELIJA in service to the growing Autism population!

Thank You for helping them surpass their $35,000 goal . . .


Supported by:

Rachel and Alex

The Pilchmans

Rebecca & Marty Eisenberg

Megan Hodish

The Levison Family

Essie & Piper Udell

Suzanne Sellecchia

Grey, Winnie & Mack

Robert Brooks

Lynn and Dan Couture

Matt & Elyse Burack

The Rudolph Family

Caryn Feinberg and Rob Bryant

Jake Prigoff

Perri Prigoff

Hoffman Roth & Matlin, LLP

Cliff and Lindsay Moskowitz

Matt and Samantha Wolpert

The Wilkins Family

The Levenson Family

Clarissa and Serena Adler

The Danesh Family

Daniel Moses and The Moses Family

The Blumencranz Family

Harrison, David, and Max Prigoff

The Kaplan Family

Brayden and Jaxon Ziegelbaum

The Tsepelman Family

LB Beadz & the Beckman's

Mitchell & Pauline Rosenberg & Family

Robin Ziegelbaum

Greta, Evan & Richie Unger

The Shapiro Family (Team Bradley!)

Alana Moses and The Moses Family

Matt H.

Jessica Lilling

The Schoepfer Family

Alex Maloney

Ava Merz

Debora Thivierge

John Kennedy

John Laub

William Gibbs

Ashley Delp Walker

The Sommer Family

JAT Capital

Alex and Laura Birdsall

Andrew Rubin

The Montemaggiore Family

Jenna Sordi

Levy Family

Siegel Family

Alan and Lynne Alpar

Ardian Komoni and Daisy Salihaj

Adam Katz and Danielle Sassoon

Jeff Shookus

Bren and Hillel Frankel

Gladys Low

Sloane and Danny Ackerman

Natti Ginor

Barsam and Valerie Lakani

Lillian Regen

Ben Chandler

Corey Spells

Greg Bennett

Ron Markowicz

James Colasanto

Laura and Rob Sterner

Pete Magrino

Julia Dworkin


Maltese Capital Management

Kevin Del Mauro

Julie Sim

Barbara and Wayne Prigoff

Will Van Name

Robin and Dan Forman

Betsy and Zack Siegel

The Lieberman Family

Max Most

Brian Bobson

Diana Dieckman

The Goldenbergs

Louise Fribush

Andrew Powell

The Handler Family

Alex and Nicole Eshaghpour

Dylan Finnerty

Henley and Ivy Yagoubzadeh

The Homapour Family

Roger B

Charles Krell

The Gal Family

The Coopermans

Errol and Jackie Eisner


The Tavel Family

Russell, Stephanie and Lenni Zuckerman

Jenna and Mike Librett

Willow Levine & Family

Giugliano Family

Barry and Nancy Hoffman

Rachel and Alex Shapiro

Erika and Gil Shapiro

Eric Blumencranz

The Byron Family

The Murray Family

Laura and Andy Skodol

Zhen Chen

Emily Blatt

Jessica Donohue

Amanda and Lonnie Fox 

The Kravel Family

Jackie and Derek Cherney

The Litvak Family

The Pedicini Family

Weich/Georgopoulos Family

The Simsons Family

Lorendana Beg

The Edelstein's

Daniel Hoffman

The Brodsky Family

Ilana and Albert Galatan

The Tasso Family


The Goldberger Family

Lawrence and Sam Ziegelbaum

Leslie and Robert Davis

Gary Berger

Ronan Guilfoyle

Elyse and David Efron

Justin and Daniella Amirian

The Benvenisty Family

Backyard Yoga!

Todd Kaplan

Steve Nadel

The Unger's

The Ehrlich Fam

More Backyard Yoga!

Rachel Berman

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Lexie Sachs

Jaclyn Greco

Albert and Ann Lingelbach

Stevens Family

Heather Burns

Michael Mavrides

Justin Glenn

Dr. Victoria Riese, Lauren Garfunkel, and the Flatiron Pediatrics of PW Family


Smilowitz Family


The Jaffe Family

Sigman Family

Jared Smith

Jamie Niss

Carol Grosso

Brookstein Family

Marianna Schure

Mark Aldoroty

F45 Fundraiser

F45 Fundraiser Class

Maguire Family


Ashley Scaglione

Brittany Altman

Gregg & Laura Genova

Emily Corzel

Rich and Carolyn P.

Kenneth S. Magida

The Spiegel Family Foundation

Meral Naman

Denise and Alan Hodish

Bonnie Song

The Barnes Family

Keivan Farhadian

Jason Rohlman

Lorber Family

Mike Chi

Andrew Wynn


Nir Perry

The Orchant Family

Alex Carvalho

The Blumenfeld Family

Leah Cunningham


Josh Curry

The Richter Family

Suzanne and Michael Ziegelbaum

Mary Scoville

Jim Fagan

Anne Shkuda

Josh and Martin

Asher and Mila Steffen

Stephanie and Brian Ascher





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