Competing for the ELIJA School in 2024!


Competing for the ELIJA School in 2024!

Competing for the ELIJA School in 2024!




Adam Blumencranz and Josh Hoffman are running the 2024 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon (13.1 miles) on March 17th and Rob Ziegelbaum will be participating in the 2024 Jones Beach Ironman (70.3) on September 28th (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run).

This year they have "officially" expanded their team to include Leor and Kristen Shapiro, and Stef Blumencranz, who also participated in raising money for ELIJA last year, while competing in the Montauk race (pictured below) and yoga/F45 events!

Rob and Josh will be running in the Brooklyn Half Marathon May 18th of 2024 and the expanded team will be competing in the Mighty North Fork Triathlon on May 26th 2024!

This is only the start of their 2024 schedule - so stay tuned!

Expanded Team Competing for The ELIJA School in 2024!


As in years past, competitive events inspired Rob, Adam and Josh to raise funds for an organization of their choosing that is doing important work for surrounding communities. This year, for the second year in a row, along with Leor, Kristen and Stef, they've selected ELIJA, Empowering Long Island's Journey through Autism as the charity for their efforts on behalf of the 1 in 36 children being diagnosed with Autism in the U.S. each year – and in honor of their friend's son (photo below) who attends the ELIJA School!

ELIJA is a full-service nonprofit that supports children, young adults and adults living with Autism, the Autism community and the community at large, through a variety of program offerings.  ELIJA provides parents, educators, professionals, and caregivers of children living with Autism, educational opportunities focused on improving the quality of programs and services available; ELIJA provides personalized education and treatment programs to school-aged learners, ages 3-21; ELIJA works with young adults and adults to build transferrable skills that lead to success vocationally, socially and in the overall quality of  life; the ELIJA Farm contributes to the health and wellness of the local community through their CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture) and community classes, while fully integrating learners, at every age, with opportunities to fully participate within their communities.



1. Autism Spectrum Disorder is nearly 4 times more common among boys than girls

2. The average age of autism diagnosis is 4 years old. 

3. About 44% of children with autism have average or above-average intellectual ability.

4. Autism spectrum disorder is one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders in the United States. ASD is more common than childhood cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined.

5. Autism spectrum disorder affects all nationalities, all creeds, all religions, all races and both sexes. It doesn’t differentiate or affect only one group.

6. Self-Advocacy is an important skill that is especially important for autistic individuals. In order to be a great self-advocate, people first must know what their strengths are as well as what accommodations serve them the best. With that knowledge, they can be their own best advocate with family, school, or community. 



Supported by:

The ELIJA School

David Kornblau

Robert Brooks

Carol and Dave Harrington

Eytan Saperstein


Jessica Donohue

Gloria Zotti Meltzer

Barbara and Harvey Fishman

Kellner Family

Jen and Adam Pilchman

Vanessa Burns

Megan Hodish

Sue Sellecchia

IIissa and Scott Reich

Melanie Reichman

Kim Scheinthal

Rebecca Avazis

Natalie Zaro

Rachel and Alex Shapiro

Cassie and Matt Goldstein

Robyn and Michael Baum

Greenlight Capital, Inc.


Dave Ziegelbaum

Grey, Winnie, Mack (Go Josh & Rob!)

Litvack Family

Burack family

Seth Oxenhorn

The Owens Family

Hoffman Roth & Matlin, LLP

Laura and Andy Skodol

The Murray Family

Russell and Stephanie Zuckerman

Leor Shapiro, Jefferies

Emily Corzel, Jefferies


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