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The ELIJA School prides itself in the quality of our instructional staff. Each Instructor has a minimum of a BA degree in related fields and extensive backgrounds in working with children with autism utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The staff and classrooms are continuously monitored and supervised throughout the day by the licensed and board certified behavior analysts who have extensive backgrounds in ABA and developing curriculum for children with autism utilizing research-based teaching procedures. We encourage and offer opportunities to our Instructors looking to further their educational development and experience with behavioral interventions, data analysis, and individualized instruction. This staff development support adds to the uniqueness and quality of our program.

ABA Instructor Position Qualifications:

- RBT registered preferred

- Minimum of a BA in a related field. 

- Availability to commit to a full time position in a 12 month program. 

- Positive work and academic references. 

- Energetic, creative, intuitive, and enthusiastic approaches to teaching. 

- Motivation to learn more about the principles of ABA and how to teach in individual, small group, and incidental teaching environments. 

- Experience and motivation to work with young children and young adults with autism and/or behavioral, social communicative disorders. 

- Ability to work collaboratively and professionally in a team.

- Strong ability to multitask.

The ELIJA School values their employees and is an equal opportunity employer.


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