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The ELIJA School prides itself in the quality of our instructional staff. Each Instructor has a minimum of a BA degree in related fields and extensive backgrounds in working with children with autism utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The staff and classrooms are continuously monitored and supervised throughout the day by the licensed and board certified behavior analysts who have extensive backgrounds in ABA and developing curriculum for children with autism utilizing research-based teaching procedures. We encourage and offer opportunities to our Instructors looking to further their educational development and experience with behavioral interventions, data analysis, and individualized instruction. This staff development support adds to the uniqueness and quality of our program.

ELIJA is currently seeking a Speech-Language Pathologist - Opportunity for a Licensed SLP or a Clinical Fellow with on-site supervision available by a NYS Licensed and ASHA Certified SLP

Description: The ELIJA School provides an individualized 12-month educational and treatment program for school-aged children. We serve the needs of our students with science-based treatments, utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Our program provides an intensive, one-to-one student to teacher ratio in a comprehensive instructional setting within a classroom environment. The ELIJA School focuses on the development of functional communication, academic, social and life skills. To substantiate our progress, the school conducts external evaluations to monitor the quality and effectiveness of our educational and treatment program.

The SLP position at ELIJA is a consultative model, in which the SLP works directly with teachers who are in 1:1 teaching ratios with students. Each student's programming is individualized and may have a variety of target areas (e.g., expressive language, receptive language, social skills, fine/gross motor skills, self-help skills, play skills, etc.), including speech and communication.

Additional Information:

  • Our program is a 12-month program and follows the Levittown Public School District calendar.
  • Student hours are 9:00-2:45pm.
  • Staff hours are 8:30-4:00pm; however, there are times throughout the year in which staff work beyond these hours to fulfill additional responsibilities (e.g., progress reports).
  • We employ PMT (Psychological/Physical Management training) procedures to manage problematic behavior. All staff are trained upon hire and formally certified annually.
  • We request that all employees make a minimum one-year commitment at the start of employment.
  • BCBA Supervision is available to BCBA candidates with a two-year commitment and proof of ongoing or completed BCBA coursework.
  • On-site supervision by a NYS Licensed and ASHA certified SLP is available for Clinical Fellowships

Hours: Full time, 8:30am to 4pm, plus 2 hours per month of home visits which are scheduled afterschool (typically 5-6pm)

Compensation: Salary, health coverage, ongoing staff development, supervision (BCBA/SLP Clinical Fellowship)


ABA Instructor Position Qualifications:

- RBT registered preferred

- Minimum of a BA in a related field. 

- Availability to commit to a full time position in a 12 month program. 

- Positive work and academic references. 

- Energetic, creative, intuitive, and enthusiastic approaches to teaching. 

- Motivation to learn more about the principles of ABA and how to teach in individual, small group, and incidental teaching environments. 

- Experience and motivation to work with young children and young adults with autism and/or behavioral, social communicative disorders. 

- Ability to work collaboratively and professionally in a team.

- Strong ability to multitask.

The ELIJA School values their employees and is an equal opportunity employer.


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