ELIJA School Autism Awareness Week 2013


In honor of National Autism Awareness Month ELIJA will host its fourth annual ELIJA School Autism Awareness Week during the first week of April (1 – 5) with various events and opportunities to help spread awareness of The ELIJA School's programs and the scope of The ELIJA Foundation's outreach services. 


What: Celebrate the launch of the Championing Hope Cookie Campaign - purchase some very special cookies, read off the inspirational ribbons from our Champions of Hope Ribbon initiative, enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages, meet the ELIJA students, tour of The ELIJA School and spend some time getting to know our new honorary board member, Jay McInerney (Novelist, Wall Street Journal Wine Critic).
When: April 3rd, 11am – 1pm
Where: The ELIJA School, 100 Periwinkle Street, Levittown, NY 11756
ELIJA has teamed up with Brooklyn’s Runner & Stone Bakery and Restaurant. Executive Chef Chris Pizzulli (Blue Ribbon Restaurants) and Head Baker Peter Endriss (Amy’s Bread, Per Se, Bouchon Bakery), together with the ELIJA family have created customized cookies representing one of each of ELIJA’s students (e.g. a dog for Talia, ice-cream cone for Cole). Each cookie represents an image that ELIJA parents chose with or on their child's behalf. Each cookie and cookie cutter comes with a small description as to why that symbol was chosen for that child. The packaged cookies also feature the recipe from Head Baker Peter. 
All proceeds from cookie sales will directly benefit The ELIJA School and its community outreach services – including the new initiatives to offer free parental counseling groups.  

Please call Jane at The ELIJA School for all cookie inquiries - 516-216-5270
ELIJA is managing all cookie orders

More about Champions of Hope Ribbon Campaign

Mothers, fathers, politicians, doctors, and celebrities alike from all across the country have participated in this special campaign (which launched in late 2012) and have written their message of inspiration, hope, or love on one of ELIJA’s Ribbons of Hope. 
These colorful ribbons will be strung along the inside of The ELIJA School building where they will stay for the entire month of April. Those who join us on April 3rd will be able to participate in this special campaign and receive three ribbons - a card with two small ribbons to tie to your wrist or personal belonging to signify awareness of the prevalence of Autism and to support education for those who are impacted by Autism.
The third ribbon, the largest of the three, is for writing a message of hope for someone who is affected by Autism, or anyone special. This larger ribbon will be strung along with others and displayed publicly at The ELIJA School for the entire month of April.

ELIJA Open House

What: Experience & Understand Autism at The ELIJA School

When:  April 1-5 (10am-11am)

Where: The ELIJA School, 100 Periwinkle Street, Levittown, NY 11756
We invite you to visit ELIJA to experience and learn about Autism first hand. During the first week of April, ELIJA will host special hours for the community to visit the ELIJA learning facility and its students. Community visiting hours are from 10am-11am and include a brief overview of Autism with ELIJA’s director and co-founder, Debora Thivierge, as well as classroom and teaching observations and structured student interactions. This special event is by appointment only. Please email elijaschool@aka-pr.com for more information and/or to reserve your spot for this unique opportunity!

Year-Long Initiatives

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, ELIJA is also offering interactive educational workshops on Autism for elementary school assemblies. For more information, please email elijaschool@aka-pr.com
ELIJA also offers year-round conferences, events, and workshops through its Outreach Program



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